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In coöperation with and Diamant, Saki-Crimea, we, Home Of Vintage, can provide a unique trip to Crimea
"The Crimea". 
We offer a 5 day trip to "CRIMEA" where we visit the best wineries to. You can view and taste the best wines and champagnes Crimea can offer!

A sensation for winelovers and the wine connoisseur !!!     It will give you a totally different view of perspective... on "Crimea"


You will be staying on a unique and perfect location, Intourist Hotel in Yalta. Based on bed and breakfast. (All inclusive is also possible)


DAY 1:
Departure from Amsterdam-Schiphol, you will be flying by Moscow- Sheremetyevo International Airport or Moscow- Domodedovo Airport, 
to Simferopol Airport in Crimea. Transfer will be incuded and will bring you and your lugage to your hotel in Yalta.

DAY 2:
Visit to Balaklava - Russian naval-port.                      Included is a visit to the Inkerman Winery.

DAY 3:
Visit to Yalta - modaine resort on the Black Sea.     Included is a visit to Massandra Winery.

DAY 4:
Visit to Novyi Svet - or "new world"                             Included is a visit to Novyi Svet Winery.

DAY 5:
Departure from Hotel Intourist to Simferopol Airport, you will be flying by Moscow- Sheremetyevo International Airport or 
Moscow- Domodedovo Airport, to Amsterdam Schiphol.Transfer will be incuded and will bring you and your lugage from your hotel to the airport.-Simferopol.


Flight, airporttax, hotel based on bed and breakfast, transport, excursions.

Insurrence, tips, entrées, b
ookingscosts € 20,- p.b.

Only on invitation by Diamant-Saki-Crimea, wil take care of invitation. It will take 2-3 weeks time before departure.

Valid passport will not expire in 6 months. Health Inssurrence document covering land of destination (Russia) 2 passport photographs.

IMPORTANT LINKSБалаклáва     http://www.саки-крым.рф


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