Strong white wine.

Aged in oak barrels for at least four years.
The best among the sherry-type wines.
It is produced from grape varieties Sersial, Albilo, Verdelho, Aligote. Feature
cooking - aging wine under the film sherry yeast.
Wine of golden color with a greenish tinge, with the outer beauty sherry and elegance compared with yellow Narcissus, asleep in a silver bowl.
The bouquet is complex, delicate, with a pronounced a characteristic tone of sherry. The taste is harmonious with a slight tone of bitter almond, roasted
Nuts and brackish aftertaste.
It served to the table as an appetizer.

At international competitions awarded
11th gold, silver 2 medals and trophy "Grand Prix".
The wine is produced since 1944.

19.5% vol.,

2.5% by weight.

Vintage Sterke Wijnen