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The step into independence

We have been in charge of the fortunes of the business since 1987 and are the fourth generation to grow wine. We produce very individual wines and special sparkling wines from the approximately 2.8 hectares of vineyards.

Grape varieties: approx. 75% Riesling, 22% Elbling and 3% Rivaner

We concentrate exclusively on the cultivation of classic white wine varieties. 65% of the cultivated area is on steep slopes and terraces (e.g. the Bremmer Calmont, Neefer Frauenberg and Ellerer Pfirsichgarten). The pearl of the white wine varieties thrives here under optimal conditions - the Riesling vine.

Through conscious pruning, we already pay attention to smaller yields in the vineyard. Also in the winery it is no longer possible without modern technology. Fast and careful processing of the grapes using a pneumatic press and temperature-controlled fermentation at 12 to 14 degrees produce fruity, racy wines with lots of body.

Our very special passion is the traditional production of sparkling wine. According to the wine law, it must mature for at least 9 months. The longer it is stored on the yeast, the better the sparkling wine aroma and the finer the mousseux. After storage, the sparkling wine is separated from the yeast by shaking and disgorging. We carry out each work step personally by hand. This makes each bottle unique. Our sparkling wines mature between 9 and 55 months.


The basis of a good wine is the vineyard. Because the ideal location should be chosen according to the criteria of soil conditions, solar radiation and slope.

In the Bremmer Calmont and our other steep slopes, such as Frauenberg, Pfirsgarten and Bienenlay, our Riesling vines grow under almost ideal site conditions. The area resembles an amphitheater. During the day the sun heats up the shale rock. It stores the heat of the sun and releases it back to the vines overnight. This creates a particularly mild climate and optimal growth conditions.

The vines have to be cared for and worked on all year round until the harvest finally takes place by hand on the steep slopes in autumn. That sounds like a lot of work - and it is.

Why the tedious work, you now ask? Very simple: We can only make good wine from good, healthy grapes - there are no compromises. And that is exactly what we stand for: uncompromising quality!

The map shows the location of our vineyards and, if you drag over the white dots, informs you about the characteristics of the individual vineyards and the wines that we produce from them.