Kefesiya - autochthonous grape variety, common in the Crimea.

It is known around the ancient Kafa (Feodosia), more than two thousand years.

At the end of the XIX century, it is dedicated to the production of sweet wines and dry with 2015.

Elegant, deep play of precious ruby attract and awaken the imagination.

The wine presents a rich aromatics. Saturated colors currant: Black, white, red, river, island; ripe blackberries, mulberries and hints wild raspberries subtly and vividly intertwined with pleasant tannins.

In selecting gastronomic pair can recommend red meat, poultry, bird, barbecue, grilled vegetables, seasoned cheeses, but best native Kefesii combination with various dishes Crimean national cuisine.
They have been together a story that reveals
Safety Preisner Gerland Gerland. Laghman cuisine, Sarmatic yufahaş, Cuber, Samsun just tandyrnaya cake with juicy Kefesiey unusually tasty tell You about the Crimea.

The average temperature of serving
17-18 degrees.

Classic glasses of red wine.

Volume fraction of ethanol

Premium dry wine